Ways of Giving

Gifts of Cash—The most popular method of giving is by cash or check monthly.

Gifts of Stock—An appreciated stock gift to the CBA Foundation has no capital gains tax liability. The donor needs to contact the CBA Office for the method of giving stock, bonds or mutual funds.

Gifts of Property—Capital gains can also be avoided by giving a gift of property.

Gifts of Estates—Provide a LASTING LEGACY to sustain the CBA ministry for many years to come. The Board of Directors will deposit all restricted estate gifts in the Endowment Fund and use the interest to help fund the Partner's of Compassionate Care Fund. All unrestricted estate gifts will be divided 50/50. Fifty percent will go into the Endowment Fund and 50% will go immediately into the Partner's of Compassionate Care Fund.

Gifts of Designation—From time to time there are needs for equipment or other needs. Such gifts are used for their specific purpose to meet the needs of residents or enhance their lifestyle.